The Great Resumption…

I am pleased to announce that with the lifting of most of the COVID-19 restrictions in England, the Golden Dawn has begun meeting physically and conducting ceremonies again in London. We are proceeding cautiously for the moment, and respecting the wellbeing of our members, but nevertheless we have already held our first meeting and are looking forward to holding future meetings, on the assumption that conditions remain as they are now or improve.

For more information about the Golden Dawn, please message us via the Contact page – thank you.


A Brief Note About Covid 19

In order to respect the health and well-being of our members and their families, and to observe the restrictions in place about travelling and meeting together, the Golden Dawn in London is not currently holding physical temple meetings.

However, the members are nevertheless meeting regularly on the Astral and, more prosaically, conducting such business which does not require a physical temple using video conferencing software.

Real Golden Dawn temples do not conduct so-called “astral initiations” but have always believed that only physical ceremonies (which have an effect on the astral nevertheless) are authentic. Consequently, we are looking forward to resuming meeting properly as soon as possible, as we have a back-log of new initiations and grade work, and more importantly, we miss meeting up with each other in person.

We continue to welcome enquiries about the Golden Dawn, via our Contact page, on the understanding that we can only act as fast as our physical circumstances enable us. Thank you.